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Don’t forget the Good Guys

Everywhere you turn you’re confronted with, with headlines and #’s pleading with men and boys to get involved and reduce – prevent – end GBV. Meetings, strategic plans, marches, vigils, and funerals seem to happen on a daily basis.

SAPS – the brutal truth.

The purpose of this article however, is not to proof that the currents SAPS is more brutal than the Apartheid SAP. The purpose is also not to highlight “race-based” police brutality, but police brutality across race and social classes – because Minister Cele might believe that it matters which race is killing which, but it shouldn’t.

Why NDZ is untrustworthy.

It must come as no surprise to South Africans that NDZ seems to have lied to parliament and the country again with regard to the irrational ban on tobacco. Her track record of looking out for her own interests, taking “short-cuts”, lying, undermining authority and her inflated sense of knowledge has been trademarks throughout her career.

ANCWL backing the wrong horse again

If this, once very strong organisation did not degenerate into a mere “tool” used by party factions as a mouth piece, the pandemic and national crises that followed could have been the perfect vehicle for them to make a huge and positive impact.

Command Council Legacy Lingo

It seems the ANC government is trying very hard to convey the message that the Covid pandemic, miraculously made the proverbial scales fall from their eyes and suddenly the inequality, poverty and unemployment in SA has become glaringly obvious.

The point is NOT to repeat the past!

There is a saying: “Don’t look back you’re not going that way.” Politicians divide and conquer, lets not play straight into their hands. At the end of the day citizens standing together have the power to sculpt their own reality.

Mars attacking!

Is 2020 the year in which Governments of the world believe that Earth is being attacked by Mars?


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