Put your money where your mouth is Jessie.

Jessie Duarte is quoted saying: “So why don’t you back off and allow us as a country and a nation to make a democratic choice and decide who we want as our leadership? And we have done so, we chose her [Dlamini-Zuma] and we certainly cannot be choosing the tobacco industry.”

📌Jessie Duarte, put your money where your mouth is, let the country and the nation make a democratic choice and decide who we want as our leadership … you can start with the online petition to fire Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma and Bheki Cele, it got almost 800 000 signatures in a week – probably not only tobacco company execs 😜

Lets think about this … no I cannot remember the complete outlaw of cigarettes being part of the ANC’s previous election manifesto, meaning no that is not what was voted for. Maybe it is time that you realize that your (Jessie Duarte) and 2000 ANC Women’s League opinions are not the only ones that matter in a country of 57 million citizens.
If Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma could not influence her ex stepson, Edward Zuma to stop producing cigarettes, evading tax and now profiting from “her ban”, why on earth should anybody else take her seriously? Surely you are not that short sighted and ignorant?
This however is not even the biggest issue, the biggest issue and the reason NDZ has become the focus of a public outcry is the fact that the The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa ‘s Gestapo Council are deciding on behalf of its citizens against the expert opinions of scientists (not only 1 who is now the focus of a witch hunt, but many) not to mention the current Finance minister … plus a previous one and various other economists and politicians.
I love the way you, Jessie Duarte, wants to blame legal tobacco companies, showing how out of touch the South African Government is with their citizens. If they spent a day reading through social media comments they would see that citizens across cultures, social groupings and political parties are angry about irrational, unproven and untrustworthy rules, regulations and decisions taken by a “council” that does not represent what a democratic country voted for. Not to mention the anger around human rights infringements by the SAPS and SANDF (thankfully NGO’s are now allowed to hand out food again, although I can promise you that the blatant disregard regarding the urgency of the plight of hungry people, will not be forgotten soon) – SA Human Rights Commission
One can only hope that whoever – Democratic Alliance Helen Suzman Foundation – takes these matters to the Constitutional Court does so as a matter of urgency.

PS: another common thread when reading comments by South African citizens: Should NDZ, Jessie Duarte and Bheki Cele not be in isolation, being in the VERY high risk age group?

Published by Adéle

My career started in journalism late 80's and although I've spent the past two decades working in the marketing and business management fields, my love of political science, human behavior and current affairs never diminished. With "spare time" on hand during the global Covid-19 lock-down ... well a natural progression ... build a website (marketing) and write (journalism) about current happenings (passionate about specifically human rights). Covid-19 also saw the start of Local Savers a business borne from necessity that is growing continuously. Local Savers are committed to offering quality bulk food and related products at the best prices possible.

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