Studies related to 2020 Covid lock-downs

SA Alcohol ban

“Cele, who has even punted the possibility of extending the alcohol ban after lockdown ends, has been left without a leg to stand on over this particular matter. His conflation of crime figures to a lack of liquor lacked scientific merit, as highlighted by Redpath and her colleagues.” The UCT study confirms there is no link between the alcohol ban in SA and the lower crime figures.

SA Tobacco ban

On 15 May the University of Cape Town published a study indicating that the irrational tobacco ban by the National Command Council failed miserably.

Global study impact of lock-downs

Lock-downs made NO difference to corona virus but destroyed millions of livelihoods worldwide, JP Morgan study claims.

Published by Adéle

My career started in journalism late 80's and although I've spent the past two decades working in the marketing and business management fields, my love of political science, human behavior and current affairs never diminished. With "spare time" on hand during the global Covid-19 lock-down ... well a natural progression ... build a website (marketing) and write (journalism) about current happenings (passionate about specifically human rights). Covid-19 also saw the start of Local Savers a business borne from necessity that is growing continuously. Local Savers are committed to offering quality bulk food and related products at the best prices possible.

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