Mars attacking!

So here is my question after listening to a whole “fake-news” discussion on RSG this morning:
📌Most people measure information as reliable when it comes from a reliable source.
📌Most people dismiss any information that does not fit their current believed- narrative.
📌Fear drives narratives.
Case in point War of the Worlds – Well’s 1938 radio drama that caused mass hysteria as people believed Mars was invading earth.

Fast forward to 2020 … what if the current world wide reaction to covid-19 is much the same?
The 1st government overreaction lead to the 2nd and so on. The killer-virus narrative is born and like domino’s around the globe one government after the other continue, driven by fear to over react. The media driving the fear with information from “reliable” sources (because if the whole world is doing it, it must be right) helps create the narrative that suddenly doesn’t allow any opposition view points … because that would mean they were the ones spreading “false-news”. It makes it almost impossible for governments and mainstream media to admit that the economical aftermath is way more deadly than a virus with a 99.2% survival rate (over the past 6 months as more info becomes available it seems it could be even higher. Currently 0.0003% of the world population has died).

❓…when the police minister, Cele says on national TV “this virus has the potential to wipe-out humanity” is that not spreading fake-news? ❓

I think 2020 will be remembered as the year that Governments & mainstream media believed that earth was being attacked by Mars.

More information on the Radio Drama War of the Worlds.


Published by Adéle

My career started in journalism late 80's and although I've spent the past two decades working in the marketing and business management fields, my love of political science, human behavior and current affairs never diminished. With "spare time" on hand during the global Covid-19 lock-down ... well a natural progression ... build a website (marketing) and write (journalism) about current happenings (passionate about specifically human rights). Covid-19 also saw the start of Local Savers a business borne from necessity that is growing continuously. Local Savers are committed to offering quality bulk food and related products at the best prices possible.

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