Open letter to the Pres. Ramaphosa

written 25 April 2020

Dear Mr president

Yes I can also see that you are stressed. I wonder Mr President why you never looked this stressed while billions of Rands was stolen from SA over the past years, years under your and pres. Zuma’s watch. Yes Mr President I also hear you say “every life matters”, but I wonder Mr President did every life not matter when 499 cancer patients died during 2015 and 2016 at two of KZN’s largest hospitals as a result of the KwaZulu-Natal Oncology crisis, a crises that by September 2019 was still described as “not ideal yet” by the chairperson of the South African Human Rights Commission. The countless people who die due to the sorry state of South Africa’s public health care service, I wonder if they felt that their lives mattered? I wonder Mr President did every life not matter when The Life Healthcare Esidimeni Scandal involved the deaths of 143 people, because if they did surely our police force would have arrested those responsible by now? Does the lives of those South Africans killed by the SANDF end SAPS not matter? Mr President when 57 people in South Africa got murdered each day over the past 12 months, did that also keep you awake at night? I wonder Mr President does around 500 farm attacks annually ever need special mention from you, maybe now after the farmers of this country started helping in droves when the people started to go hungry. I wonder Mr President why did you not get so mad when R220 million drought relief funds went missing in 2019, the same way you got mad when food parcels went missing last week?
Yes Mr. President I can also see that you are tired. I promise you thousands of small and medium business owners who have applied for assistance, but does not even get a reply is also tired. Those businesses who might not have the right BBBEE ratings, but the owners lie awake at night worried about their staff and their families, not only worrying about the next three months, but longer term – when state money dries up. I wonder Mr President if you are so tired that you think we don’t notice there is almost no difference between lock-down and level 4 – clever marketing trick by the way.
Surely you know that Prof. Salim Abdool Karim (governments’ chief advisor) said that he is not sure that there are any further gains in carrying on with the lock-down. Did you hear that studies in Germany and USA show that the Covid death rate is almost 30% lower than the WHO originally stated and did you hear that Sweden that had no lock-down has one of the lowest death rates? Mr President do you also see how stressed the 1 in 5 South Africans are that only have enough money to survive one more week? Mr President perhaps you look so stressed because you know that 19.9 million South Africans will not be able to survive in lock-down for another 3 weeks – you must know this and you must know that no matter how much the country borrow you cannot feed exponentially more and more people each week. You must be stressed because you know how easily funds meant for South African people vanish and just because it’s a pandemic … well selfish and dishonest thieves don’t change.
Yes Mr President I can also see you are tired and stressed and yes Mr President I also pray that you make the correct and courageous decisions and yes Mr President I pray that when the whole world seems to be gripped by fear, you will not allow fear to overrule common sense. Doctors agree that the virus will spread; the police force and SANDF cannot stop it, no matter how much power the emergency council ministers want to effect in our daily lives, the spread won’t stop.
We beg you Mr President open up the economy and save countless South African lives, please!

Just South African citizen

Published by Adéle

My career started in journalism late 80's and although I've spent the past two decades working in the marketing and business management fields, my love of political science, human behavior and current affairs never diminished. With "spare time" on hand during the global Covid-19 lock-down ... well a natural progression ... build a website (marketing) and write (journalism) about current happenings (passionate about specifically human rights). Covid-19 also saw the start of Local Savers a business borne from necessity that is growing continuously. Local Savers are committed to offering quality bulk food and related products at the best prices possible.

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